The street art you meet in Toronto

Great low-budget way to spend a sunny afternoon in Toronto is to go to a murals spotting. Best done from the high of a bike, it’s a treat to your cultural sense and your beach shape. Murals can be found all over the city. Narrow pathways are transformed into a galleries and whole sides of the buildings are a canvas to elaborate scenery. Even high up, near the roof you can spot an occasional illustration as a small, colorful greeting.

Street art in Toronto Chinatown.
Mural theme combines oriental theme with a Toronto skyline in the background. Chinatown, Toronto, 2017.

2017-05-19 18.57.51They compliment and communicate the atmosphere of a neighborhood and help to lessen the amount of a “bad graffiti”. Though some are created to emphasis a local business, a restaurant or a shop, they are still usually witty, well executed.

It has become  a habit to take a picture when I see one of those art pieces anywhere in the world.

2017-05-26 16.54.58
Even the ones showing wear and tear can add an ambiance. Space cow in the pedestrian tunnel in Spidana Rd.

Here is a small selection of murals from Toronto. With a spring coming and streets drying of, grab yourself a two-wheeler and head out to explore the street art Toronto has to offer.

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