Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

When you happen to travel in deep Estonia and reach Tartu on the first week of December you may have happened to see a group of people gathering in the Town Hall square. Despite there being well over a hundred people, there is no need to worry. These people are not political, most of them even don’t smoke. They simply gather for an annual birthday celebration of three local guys who like it big.

Book Themed Birthday Party – Witches, Wizards and Other Magical Creatures

Selecting a costume for a book themed birthday party can be tricky but people have put in a lot of effort. Of courses, you get your selection of witches, wizards and Hogwarts students. Surprising selection of characters from Harry Potter world has found their way to Tartu townhall square.

Only very few characters were repeated, there were few two Bellatrix Lestrange’s and at least two Lucius Malfoy’s. Most creative of them being a house elf (only one) and a few owls.

Visitors from the other books

While the invitation was Harry Potter themed it called for all magic and fantasy creatures. With a book inspired birthday party, it’s only natural that there will be some creative crossover. Great chance for people to dig out their elf costumes and ears.

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