Street Art in Tartu, Estonia

Traveling gives you a great opportunity to notice the differences in street art in different towns. As a dream is a subconscious message from a people’s mind, street art can become a subconscious message of society. What is considered appropriate and artistic becomes murals,  things that are edgy, controversial and aim to shock can find expression in a graffiti.

Visiting Estonia, Tartu

Tartu is the second largest (or a less small) town in Estonia. It’s also a student town with the Estonian largest university established in the 17th century. The city ambiance is fresh and youthful despite the muddy autumn shifting towards the winter. The youth of the nation happily roams the streets of the town, sample a local lively bar scenery and (as they always have) express their views on the walls of the world.

Here is a fraction of the street art found on the walls of Tartu. What do you think is in the minds of Estonian people?


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