Photo Galery: Sahara Susurrus

Winter in Sahara is a time that locals also love. Daily temperatures are in the pleasant twenties, especially when an occasional cloud gives living creatures an occasional break from the brutal sun. When visiting Morocco, grab a sleeping bag and head out to the desert for a night under the stars!

Despite warm days, nights become crisp and the wind has a sneaky way to reach through the kind of woolen blankets tour organizers offer.  While it’s well worth staying up around the campfire for some music, chat and star gazing, being able to sleep comfortably will make the wake hours just so much more pleasant.

Night in Sahara is an amazing experience. The desert is far from being an empty field of sand and endless dunes. It actually takes us about a one-hour ride with the jeep (referred to as 4×4 around here) from M’Hamid to reach the Sahara High dunes. Along the way, there are palm trees (dates not coconuts), boulders, camels and people. The road is mostly hard ground loosely covered with changing piles of sand. Varied and picturesque. Telling it with the photos, a selection of moments from the night in the desert.


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when a digital nomad meets the real nomad, some exchange of experiences is bound to come up. In the spirit of a collaboration, I put together a Q&A section for Hassan, a young man born and raised in Sahara, traveling from place to place and now organizing desert tours from M’Hamid. The guide aims to answer the kind of question a person going to Sahara for the first time might have. Let me know what do you think!