Books and places

You love to read almost as much as you love a real world, or was it the other way around? Either way you have reached the right place, welcome!

Books and places is about two things. First, about places where you can find a spots from the stories in a real world. Travel destinations that compliment a story you loved so much by helping it into a three dimensional world. A moors where Sherlock Holmes trailed the hound of Baskerville or Sara leaned about The Secret Garden, city that inspired Discworld city-state Ankh-Morpork, ballrooms where miss Austen characters fall in love or parlors where you can imagine society intrigues  a la Oscar Wilde.

Second aim, of course, is to give you an ideas for further reading. Find a story around you, what famous book characters are connected to your holiday destination? Who of the famous authors walked the same river sides and was amazed by surrounding beauty.

Books and places are where the story meeting a reality (or gets a tiny glimpse of it around the corner).  My aim is to give you a story and real life adventures a little twist, add an extra dimensions to your travels, experiences as well as reading.