Williamson memorial, Lancaster, UK

Lancaster for a weekend, literary heritage, nature and fresh bread

Lancaster has a dark and Gothic history that reflects in the architecture and stories of old times. A slave trade, witch trials, prison tales and quicksands where travelers or fishermen have disappeared all are part of towns colorful history.

It’s no wonder that an area with such a mystical ambiance have become an inspiration writers through different eras.

Wordsworth Daffodil Garden

The Lake District, an inspiration and home for the William Wordsworth

For romantic souls the Lake District is among the best places to visit in England. A home and safe haven for many whose works are still regarded as masterpieces of English literature. William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge and Beatrix Potter probably being best known among those who lived here for a length of time…

Literary places– the Chabriéres wolf sanctuary and Gerrald Durrell’s “A Zoo in My Luggage”

British author and nature scientist, Gerald Durrell’s dreamed of zoos be a safe haven and a breeding colonies for endangered species, instead of a Victorian horror shows. The Wolves of Chabriéres live in a sanctuary in west-France, an area where numbers of gray wolfs in nature had became dangerously low…